5 Reasons Why You Should Use Polycarbonate as Greenhouse Roofing

By |November 26, 2021|

The tropical climate in the Philippines enables the farmers to look for innovative ways that will help their crops survive. The unforeseen weather is a little tricky since it can be detrimental to the growth of plants and the strong weather may cause flooding to the crops and topsoil where soil nutrients reside. Building a greenhouse can be a solution, but choosing a roofing material that can handle the frequent [...]

5 Common Myths About Polycarbonate

By |October 15, 2021|

The commercial use of polycarbonate started in the late 1950s but some people have only known about this material when they are required to purchase one. As a consumer, it is important to know more about the material to guard yourself against misinformation. Check out these five common myths and learn more about polycarbonate sheets. Myth No 1. Polycarbonate roofing can be easily damaged when put under weight.  [...]

Save Electricity with Polycarbonate Sheets

By |September 24, 2021|

Energy consumption is a year-round problem which when overlooked, may affect not only our pockets now, but also the world in the future. One way to cut down on your electricity bills is to make commercial and residential improvements: checking for air leaks, making sure that your home is well ventilated and lighted, and changing to more sustainable roofs. Speaking of sustainable roofs, did you know that among the [...]

Versatile Material for Dynamic Weather

By |September 3, 2021|

The Philippines is hit with an average of 20 typhoons in a year. Some of which are highly destructive, risking our safety and bringing heavy damage to our properties. Being prone to these dynamic weather changes calls us to be detailed about choosing the type of building materials that will keep us safe, dry, and comfortable. At the top of our considerations are strong, durable material with functional benefits. [...]

What Good Exterior Does To Your Business

By |August 20, 2021|

When you are in a car, or you happen to pass by a good-looking exterior, do you ever just stop and wonder what the business is about? First impressions are important for any business, whether or not it is a starting or established brand. A good looking exterior not only creates a lasting impression to the customer, but also provides credibility and security to your business. Improving a thing [...]

Polycarbonate vs. Fiberglass: Which is Best for Skylight?

By |May 29, 2021|

Polycarbonate and fiberglass are oftentimes compared to one another because of their uses and applications. Considering that both materials are viable options for roofing, the two are not interchangeable and are, in fact, two different materials. Polycarbonate is one of the most cost-effective skylight roofing materials in the market, making it very popular among designers and builders. It has a UV protection layer that prevents discoloration despite its daily [...]