Modern Architecture using ACP

By |September 22, 2020|

Aluminum Composite Panel is becoming a popular cladding material in today’s modern architecture. When it comes to consistency and precision, it is one of the most preferred architectural materials in the construction industry. Not only that ACP gives a modern and seamless look, it also has a wide range of usage and features. ACP is high-impact resistant and durable. It is engineered to withstand the impact of the [...]

Home Essentials This Rainy Season

By |August 28, 2020|

As we’re already at this time of the year when rains are frequent, and we’re most likely to endure heavy rainfall, it’s necessary to invest with home products that would make you feel most safe and secure like Polycarbonate roofing panels. So here’s what we love about the Polycarbonate sheets that make it worth every cent and essential this rainy season. The first is its durability. Polycarbonate sheets are [...]

A Seminar for Asya Architects

By |November 28, 2019|

A group of select architects from Asya Architectural Firm participated in our product seminar held at A Place Coral Way in Pasay City. The event was spearheaded by our Business Development Team, which presented an in-depth background of the company and its architectural products. The duration of the seminar only took an hour, but the participants were able to get a thorough introduction to what we have to offer. The demand [...]