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Polylite Industrial Corporation is the pioneer in providing creative yet purposeful building solutions in the Philippines for the past 30 years. As the demand for sustainable architecture rapidly evolves, we have significantly made it possible for residential, commercial, and industrial projects to succeed by continuously developing innovative materials and staying committed to our prime mission—to be the country’s partner in bringing creative designs to life.

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30 Years of Expertise

Having been in the building industry for a considerable time, we guarantee that our company gives a hundred percent quality of workmanship to our valued clients.

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We ensure a safe and hassle-free transport of our products.

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We value your time. That is why you have the assurance that our products are transported within the agreed and expected time of delivery.

Reliable and Stable Stocks

The quality of our products pass international standards and are consistently made accessible to our clients.

Great Teamwork

We treat our clients as our partners.

Active Support

We always provide direct and undivided support.

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As our company continuously expands across the country, we are also in search for passionate and competent individuals who want to be a part of our team in helping builders bring their creative designs to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All of our polycarbonate sheets (twin wallsolidembossed and corrugated, rib-type and corrugated) are UV-blended and have UV top coatings. The outer surface has chemical bond to absorb the sun’s ultraviolet rays to further protect the sheets from the normal wear and tear and provide a more durable shelter from beneath.

No. Although you can use any brand of sealant but the type of sealant that must be used for polycarbonate sheets should be non-acetic or neutral. Otherwise, other sealants might make the polycarbonate sheets brittle that causes cracks and damages.

H-connector and/or aluminum flatbar are used to connect polycarbonate sheets. There must be enough space between the sheets for expansion and keep expansion allowance according to the local temperature variation.

Lifespan of polycarbonate sheets vary from its type. Solid sheet has a guaranteed lifespan of at least 10 years while twin wall sheet lasts for 5-8 years. All told, said life span depends upon how the sheets are installed. If not properly installed, the sheets might deteriorate earlier than its lifespan.

UV protection shields polycarbonate sheets and its color from earlier discoloration but it doesn’t mean that the color will not fade. Due to normal wear and tear, the color will fade in time.

Polycarbonate sheet is an engineered plastic resin belonging to the polyester family of plastics. It is a high quality, transparent thermoplastic synthetic material with exceptional properties, some of which are temperature resistant and flexibility – it can resist both considerably low and high temperatures. Mild warping is normal. Adequate spacing of framing is highly important and recommended. Framing must be fabricated and installed properly.

Polycarbonate sheets are mainly used for skylight roofing thus sheets can transmit up to 80% of natural light reducing the use of electricity-based lighting. Polycarbonate sheets have excellent heat insulation properties and have lower coefficient heat transmission of up to 60%.

Polycarbonate Twin Wall sheets can be bent up to 175 times its thickness in normal atmospheric temperature.

Our polycarbonate sheets are very competitive in terms of quality and price and we have the most variety of polycarbonate sheets for every individual and organization’s unique requirements.

Polylite Industrial Corporation has made its mark in the industry by following the construction industry’s constant technology transformation such as venture for energy consumption. Our product lines allow natural lighting to enter structures to further lessen the amount of lighting fixtures needed. From then on, Polylite Industrial Corporation supports sustainable building and green technology. In its quest for competitive edge, it has always maintained the highest level of quality on finished products passing rigid tests to meet international standards.