Aluminum Composite Panel Prices and Features

Alutech Aluminum Composite Panel products are high-impact, weather resistant panels with thermal and sound insulating properties. A low maintenance architectural material, aluminum composite panels exhibit high torsional strength. Perfect for building solutions and available in a wide variety of colors, you can count on us as your aluminum composite panel supplier of choice to deliver excellent quality every time.

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Building (Interior and facade) | Signages | Curtain wall | Insulation

Buy aluminum composite panels for a reliable and multi-use material that you can use in residential and commercial construction applications. Get in touch with an ACP supplier in the Philippines and reap the following benefits:

Weather-Resistance for All Seasons

Being a tropical country, the Philippines has unpredictable weather conditions. But ACP can withstand it all. From volatile rains to the harsh Philippine sun, buy aluminum composite panels for a construction material that you can rely on.

Lessened Maintenance & Corrosion

In common construction materials, the need for repainting can be unavoidable. Whether it be worn paint or signs of corrosion, new paint hides away unsightly marks and refreshes the look. However, buying aluminum composite panels with Colorfast technology and corrosion-free properties eliminates the need for repaints just to hide corrosion and discoloration.

Economical Construction Choice

The price of aluminum composite panels is competitive and reasonable, so you can take the chance to cut material costs for your project while maintaining the aesthetic and structure of your build.