This summer, the average temperature in the Philippines is a scorching hot 34°C. Some people opt to stay inside with the air conditioner on, while others opt to stay on their patio or open their doors and windows ajar, to let the wind pass through inside their home. Polycarbonate awnings aid in these types of scenarios among other things, but it is not the only reason why awnings are used. Awnings is also useful during the rainy season, so cold air can seep inside the home, without the hassle brought by the rain. Find out more about what it is and its benefits by reading more.


What is polycarbonate awning?

Polycarbonate awnings are made of solid polycarbonate sheets, and are permanent fixtures attached on top of windows and doors. Since it is made of polycarbonate, all the benefits of the material can also be applied on polycarbonate awnings. It performs a dual function of blocking direct sunlight to come inside the area, while allowing cool air to come indoors.  The bracket, the accessories, and the installation guide are alongside the material once bought. Here’s why you should consider buying polycarbonate awnings for your doors and windows.


  1. Awnings are durable.

Polycarbonate awnings are made of solid polycarbonate sheet, a material that is 250-300 times stronger than glass. It is resistant to strong impacts and debris which may be brought by wind. In northern countries, awnings are popular in areas susceptible to different weather conditions. Polycarbonate awnings can adapt to hail, rain, snow, storms, and sunny weather. No need to worry about breaking, since the material keeps it from being shattered like glass.


  1. Awnings have a long life span.

Polycarbonate is commonly used in greenhouses where optimum light transmission is required, without the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.  Like polycarbonate, awnings are equipped with a UV protection layer that keeps it from discoloration even under prolonged sun exposure. Aside from UV resistance, awnings are also impact, weather, and flame resistant, which makes the material last up to 10-15 years.


  1. Awnings provide security and safety.

Awnings serve as protection for your doors and windows against foreign objects. Moreover, colored awnings give you privacy even upon leaving your windows open. Awnings are impact-resistant, so do not worry about possible breakage or broken shards, which may cause harm.


  1. Awnings are practical and economical.

Awnings are a practical choice if you want to protect your doors and windows without sacrificing your exterior’s façade. Although awnings are non-retractable, they provide a modern look that complements your exterior. Instead of buying a polycarbonate sheet as protection for small applications like doors and windows, you can use awnings which are also easy to install and a lot cheaper. In terms of practicality, polycarbonate awnings are easy to clean and maintain. Clean with warm water and nontoxic soap and cleaner regularly, to prevent accumulation of dirt and grimes on its surface. Do not use abrasive materials which may scratch the material.


Polycarbonate is a common material for skylight roofs or transparent roofs because it is a durable material that is long-lasting against any weather elements. Polycarbonate awning is a perfect solution to protect doors and windows against different weather conditions and is suitable for homeowners who care for aesthetics and value for money. For more information regarding door and window awnings, contact one of the trusted polycarbonate sheet suppliers in the Philippines.


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