Communication is of vital importance in building sound customer relationships. With this, we continuously look for new ways to listen, learn from, and engage with you. We are taking you to the next level by keeping you abreast of our current events, promotions, new product offerings, and more through our Viber community.

Viber community allows a safer business transaction where you can talk to our virtual representatives to request for quotations, know more about our products, product applications, and services offered. You may also shop and place your order hassle-free and with peace of mind through our community.

You may join our community through this link: 

We continuously innovate our communication channels to provide you with an exceptional experience. Our Viber community will also integrate our existing communication channels such as phone and email, exhibit and event sponsorships, our social media platforms, and of course, our 20 branches across the country that allow direct interaction to our representatives. All these to provide us with a 360-view of your needs and open new opportunities to come up with the best possible client solutions.