The Philippines is hit with an average of 20 typhoons in a year. Some of which are highly destructive, risking our safety and bringing heavy damage to our properties. Being prone to these dynamic weather changes calls us to be detailed about choosing the type of building materials that will keep us safe, dry, and comfortable. At the top of our considerations are strong, durable material with functional benefits. An aesthetic appeal with convenient maintenance is an added bonus too.

Protects you from storms and typhoon.

Polycarbonate sheets have exceptional flexibility and high-impact resistance, which enables it to withstand extreme weather. Stronger typhoons have been damaging our country lately, causing breakage of properties and dismantling of roofs. Polycarbonate is lightweight but 200 times stronger than glass. You need not to worry about the risk of injury because of shattering unlike to that of glass. Polycarbonate sheets are waterproof, so leaks will be the least of your concern. During weather disturbances, you can sit back, relax, and remain untroubled over leaks, breakage, or dismantling with polycarbonate. It is a trusted material even against hot or cold weather, snow, rain, and heavy impact. Cyclone-prone areas rely on this material because of its ability to withstand strong air and water impact.

Protects your properties from discoloration.

Being exposed to UV radiation causes yellowing, fading, and discoloration of our properties. Moreover, it poses a harmful threat against our skin and eyes, and weaken our immune system. Polycarbonate roofs protect you from extreme UV light, while still bringing in maximum sunlight because of its exceptional transparency.

 Choose the roof that protects you.

Our roofs save us from possible dangers during extreme situations. It is only right to know more about our options and check the benefits of different building material, like polycarbonate. If you’re looking for a trusted polycarbonate sheet supplier in the Philippines this rainy season, do not hesitate to send us a message and ask for a quotation.

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