In a faulty roof installation, the question isn’t an if, but when it will be broken. A faulty installation may cause several problems in the long run. To save time and money later on, it is better to prepare the materials beforehand and learn the instructions on how to properly apply the polycarbonate roof. To ensure that the roof is properly installed, prepare the materials, the accessories needed for each type of polycarbonate sheet (twin wall, solid, embossed & corrugated polycarbonate), and other roofing components that the project requires. Take note of some polycarbonate accessories you may need for your project on the list below:




  1. Aluminum ClampingKeep your polycarbonate roof secure before installing another layer by using aluminum clamping. It comes with rubber, to act as a cushion from scratching the polycarbonate roof.





2. Aluminum/Analoc Flatbar– Flatbar is placed in between two polycarbonate sheets to connect them together. Used together with rubber tape, tek screws, and sealant.





3. Aluminum/Analoc U-clip-Use u-clip or u-profile to prevent external particles from entering the top and bottom open ends to preserve the transparency of your twin wall sheets. It is usually placed after the blanking and breather tape. 





4. H-ConnectorH-connector connects twin wall or solid polycarbonate sheets together and prevents it from breaking down when drilled.





5. Blanking tape– The blanking tape is applied at the top of the twinwall polycarbonate sheet to keep dust and insects from entering, as well as to prevent water from entering the hollow part of the twin wall sheet where algae and fungi may proliferate.




6. Anti-dust Breather Tape– The anti-dust breather tape is applied at the bottom of the twinwall polycarbonate sheet to drain water that enters the twin wall sheet.





7. Rubber tape– Rubber tape is moisture and infiltration resistant to ensure that no substances can enter the gaps. It is an added protection for both the sheet and the connectors. 





8. Silicone Sealant– A nontoxic silicone sealant keeps the material undamaged during application and is used to seal gaps or joints between the connectors and the polycarbonate sheets.





9. Tek screw Tek screw is used to directly connect the polycarbonate sheet to the connectors, or the supporting frames. The rubber acts as a cushion for thermal expansion and secures the polycarbonate roofing. Make sure to pre-drill the holes before putting the tek screw to avoid damaging the sheet.



While buying the polycarbonate sheet may seem costly, it still would not compare to the cost of continuous repair and maintenance brought by a faulty installation of your skylight roof. A properly installed roof may last for several years and will boost the exterior design of your property. If you’re looking for a trusted polycarbonate sheet supplier in the Philippines, or looking for the accessories mentioned above, contact us. 


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