The biggest challenge we face today is the unprecedented health and economic crisis posed by COVID-19. The last few months have taken us by surprise. This dreaded virus has endangered many lives and impacted livelihoods, which caused massive damage to people’s capacity to earn a living. Businesses are forced to cease operations and mobility of labor and transportation services are hampered. Many of our health workers are at the front line of the outbreak response for COVID-19 and as such are exposed to danger that put them at risk of getting infected.

With so much bad news in the country today, private sectors from individuals to small and large businesses joined hands to the common battle to combat the further spread of the virus. Polylite, as an active member of the community, commits itself to be one with the plight through community involvement. Thus, Polylite joins the fight and donated boxes of disposable protective face masks last May 21, 2020 in support of the government’s efforts to win the fight against the dreaded virus. Present in the turnover were Ms. Imelda Aguilar, Las Pinas City Mayor and Las Pinas LGU COVID-19 Taskforce. Building a strong sense of community shows the importance of solidarity in this time of uncertainty. Many responded to the call to open their hearts and be moved to do small acts of giving by sharing their resources with those who need them the most. We, at Polylite, believe that this small act of kindness will create a ripple effect, encouraging everyone to join the fight against our deadly enemy because together as community builders, we can do so much.

More so, it is important to be aware and be reminded of the current news surfacing our community because everyone has a key role to play. This is one of Polylite’s ways of encouraging businesses, big or small, to take part in the solution building. Our collective efforts and contribution can go a long way and can help build a stronger community more than ever. With this, Polylite is one in solidarity with all those afflicted with COVID-19 and salutes all front liners who never get tired battling this pandemic.