Polycarbonate has become a very popular material among architects, engineers, developers, and contractors due to its versatility and wide range of applications. Apart from being an excellent choice for skylight roofing, polycarbonate is the top choice for sound barriers due to its exceptional sound insulating abilities and high-impact resistance.

Sound barriers that use polycarbonate panels are secure, stable, and require less maintenance. Using polycarbonate panels can significantly reduce the noise coming from heavy traffic areas, such as next to highways or busy roads. In addition, polycarbonate has high light transmission and is transparent, allowing light to pass through for a better view of the surrounding.

Polycarbonate can be installed on fences, high traffic zones, and other areas where you want to block out the noise. There are three top choices of polycarbonate that can be used for sound reduction purposes. These are solid, twin-wall, and u-locking polycarbonate. All three polycarbonate types are UV and weather-resistant, have excellent soundproofing capabilities, and can even resist and withstand wind pressure. Thus, polycarbonate is one of the best materials for sound barriers.