Polycarbonate Twin Wall Sheet

Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet is available from 4.0mm up to 10mm along with different colors. Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet is an ideal, lightweight roofing panel and a perfect solution for any translucent roofing installation when you require insulation and UV protection.

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High Impact Strength

PC Hollow sheets have very high impact strength of over two hundred times the impact strength of glass and over eight  times the impact strength of Acrylic.

UV Protection

PC Hollow sheets have Ultra Violet (UV) coatings that could prevent transmission of the harmful UV rays thereby reducing the fading effect of colors. This prevents deterioration of the polycarbonate roofing material.


PC Hollow sheet are 1/6 the weight of glass of comparable thickness.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Only periodic cleaning with water or moist cloth is required

Easy to Install

PC Hollow sheets are very easy to install because  it is Lightweight, Flexible and easy to handle.

Economical and Cost Saving

It enable consumers to save cost on product life cycle replacement because of its rigidity and its relatively lower cost.

High Durability

PC Hollow sheets are very durable and long-lasting by virtue of its high impact strength and UV protection.

Energy Saving

PC Hollow sheets have better thermal insulation properties than other light-transmitting glazing materials thus making them the primary choice for energy efficient light-transmitting Construction.

Optimum Light Transmission

PC Hollow sheets provide optimal light transmission due the clarity of each base material.


Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet Application Scope

Skylight Roofing, Greenhouse, Canopy, Overpass Polycarbonate Roofing, arc Skylight for Parking lot, shopping mall glazing, Window awning, Swimming Pool cover, warehouse skylight garage, Church Entrance.

Interior Decoration, Divider, Display Window, exhibit booth, Bathroom Partition, Bulletin Board, Outdoor or Indoor Signage, Sound Proof Barrier for freeways and light cover.

Polycarbonate Twin Wall Sheet

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