A group of select architects from Asya Architectural Firm participated in our product seminar held at A Place Coral Way in Pasay City. The event was spearheaded by our Business Development Team, which presented an in-depth background of the company and its architectural products. The duration of the seminar only took an hour, but the participants were able to get a thorough introduction to what we have to offer.

The demand for architectural building solutions for the past years has been quite apparent since new developments are constructed in the local communities almost every day. But as the quality and durability of architectural materials evolve, so does the need for ecological and economic sustainability. That is why at Polylite, we produce durable materials that are not only cost-effective but also contribute to the environment. Most of our roofing products lessen electric consumption, therefore, help the consumers save more.

We plan to continuously reach and partner with builders by regularly conducting seminars like this to help them create innovative architectural structures that will result in sustainable development within the local communities.