Acrylic sheet is a versatile material that can be used in several applications because of its features. While it can be used in large applications in construction and commercial businesses, acrylic sheets can also be used in residential spaces. You can find a lot of uses for this material even in your home and offices. Look at some office applications in the list below.

  1. Table Partitions– Table partitions became a hit when the pandemic started to lessen the contact between people, while still maintaining transparency for easier communication. Acrylic is a good material for partitions because it serves a functional dual purpose. Acrylic is also a good material for sneeze guards in business counters.
  2. Build-Up Signage– Acrylic is good for custom acrylic signs and displays because it is completely shatterproof, weather resistant, and easy to maintain.  Buying acrylic sheets is a good long-term investment to advertise effectively both in outdoors signages or indoor displays.
  3. Shelves/Organizers– One way to ensure productivity in the office is to keep everything organized and neat. Acrylic sheets can be customized such that filings and documents can be placed in durable and aesthetic shelves and organizers.
  4. Acrylic Table Top Protector– Acrylic is an impact-resistant material that keeps tables, and even some furniture, from getting easily scratched and stained. By protecting your furniture from occasional damages, it will keep its pristine condition and aesthetic charm. As compared to glass, it is inexpensive and durable.
  5. Acrylic bulletin board– Acrylic is best used for office sign boards because of its optimum transparency. Keep your forms, announcements, and documents on acrylic sheets for easier access. It requires low maintenance so you can place it even in high traffic areas.


Acrylic suppliers and distributors accommodate to both commercial and industrial businesses, which then turn acrylic sheets into different products and structures. There are a number of materials you can use for DIY projects, but acrylic is a go-to material because of its price, its impact resistance, and its ease of use. For a lightweight material like acrylic, it has a durability 17 times more than glass, while maintaining the same optimum transparency. There are two types of acrylic available for sale in the market: cast acrylic and extruded acrylic. Both can be used on different types of applications. For your inquiries, message one of the trusted acrylic suppliers in the Philippines.


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