The tropical climate in the Philippines enables the farmers to look for innovative ways that will help their crops survive. The unforeseen weather is a little tricky since it can be detrimental to the growth of plants and the strong weather may cause flooding to the crops and topsoil where soil nutrients reside. Building a greenhouse can be a solution, but choosing a roofing material that can handle the frequent rains and typhoons and is not susceptible to the scorching heat should be considered.

Polycarbonate sheets have an advantage on plants that require high light transmittance, along with the need for UV protection, durability, and long-term stability. Both twin wall and solid polycarbonate sheets can be used for greenhouses. Solid sheet is characterized by its optimum transparency with an impact resistance that is 250 stronger than glass. Twin-wall, on the other hand, is an economical option that has excellent insulating properties. Its unique design of two sheets with vertical separators provides durability to the panel, insulation through air spaces, and diffusion of light passing through the panels.


1.Optimal Light Transmittance 

Polycarbonates used in greenhouses provide a controlled environment for the plants by ensuring maximum transparency and uniform heat distribution. Heat of equal intensity translates to growth and maturity, just in time for when the crops should be harvested.

2. Extremely Durable 

The panels are guaranteed to withstand ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Because the sheets are UV resistant, it is not prone to yellowing, discoloration, and brittleness. Regardless of the thickness of the sheets, polycarbonate effectively protects the plants from damage from the sun.  Moreover, polycarbonate sheets are impact resistant and are 250 times stronger than glass.

3. Lightweight 

The structure of the sheets makes it easier to be transported and installed. Compared to glass which will scatter in sharp, small pieces under strong force, polycarbonate will not easily break and has less shards when broken.

4. Efficient Insulation

Providing insulation is one advantage of polycarbonate. The sheets help in increasing the efficiency of the greenhouse by keeping the temperature warm during the cold weather, and allowing hot air in the summer to cool down through the hollow spaces in the polycarbonate sheets.

5. Visual properties 

Polycarbonate sheets are available in different colors and patterns that can suit the aesthetic of the greenhouse and match with the whole structure.


Polycarbonate panels have proven its use in modern agriculture and how it can help the farmers in managing their plants that would lead to profit and minimize damages to plants. If you have a specific question and want to know more about this material, do not hesitate to contact one of the Philippines’ leading polycarbonate suppliers.



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