The commercial use of polycarbonate started in the late 1950s but some people have only known about this material when they are required to purchase one. As a consumer, it is important to know more about the material to guard yourself against misinformation. Check out these five common myths and learn more about polycarbonate sheets.

Myth No 1. Polycarbonate roofing can be easily damaged when put under weight. 

Fact:  Due to its transparency, polycarbonate is usually associated with glass. However, polycarbonate has unique features that makes it 200 times stronger than glass, which means that it can withstand pressure and strong impact from strong winds and storm without worrying about a possible damage after.  You can watch the strength test performed on both polycarbonate and glass using a sledgehammer in this video to see their shocking difference.

Myth No 2. Polycarbonate is prone to yellowing and discoloration. 

Fact: Yellowing or discoloration of polycarbonate sheets is due to the harmful UV sunlight. This causes the material to become brittle and look old over time. Polycarbonate sheets are equipped with UV coating as a preventive measure against discoloration and brittleness caused by the sun, especially during the hot summer season.

Myth No 3. Polycarbonate can be (or can’t be) bent. 

Fact: People wonder if polycarbonate can be used for arch hallways, bridge overpass, or church interiors, where polycarbonate sheets are required to be bent. Yes, polycarbonate can be bent. But it has to follow the required bending radius, otherwise, it will break. Before installation, take note of the bending radius guidelines and ask the roofing experts to make sure the polycarbonate roofs will last longer.

Myth No 4. Polycarbonate sheets only last a few years. 

Fact: Polycarbonate is a versatile and durable material with excellent properties that enable it to last for over 10 years, as long as it properly complies to the installation guidelines required by the type of sheet. Proper maintenance is also a key to make it last. Read more about it on this article.

Myth No 5.  I can use any type of polycarbonate sheet for roofing. 

Fact: There are different types of polycarbonate sheets for sale (solid polycarbonate, twin wall polycarbonate, rib type/corrugated polycarbonate, and embossed and corrugated) but not all these types can suit your roofing conditions. One should also know that choosing the right polycarbonate roofing depends on the application. If you’re looking for a greenhouse roofing, twin wall and solid are recommended. For residential application, the polycarbonate sheet you need to find should be suited to the framing of your roof and abides to the installation guidelines.

If you want to know more about what type of polycarbonate suits your roofing needs, ask one of the leading polycarbonate sheet suppliers in the Philippines and contact Polylite now.

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